What are the most common car accidents in Las Vegas?

You might be surprised to learn that car accident in Las Vegas were commonplace in the past. But there are more factors than you might think. Some of the most common reasons for car accidents in Las Vegas include Side-swipe collisions, Failure to yield the right of way, Left-hand turns, and distracted driving. Let’s look at each of these factors one by one. Which one is most common for you?

Sideswipe collisions

Besides head-on collisions, sideswipe accidents also involve other vehicles. Aside from causing severe damage to a car, these accidents can also result in fatalities. The victims of these accidents often overcorrect their truck or attempt to avoid hitting the other vehicle, which results in an accident. The resulting impact can also cause them to lose control of their vehicles. Among all types of car accidents, sideswipe collisions can lead to dangerous rollovers in high-profile vehicles and even car drifts into traffic.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, sideswipe collisions account for nearly half of all car accidents in the Las Vegas area. While many consider these incidents minor accidents, they can lead to severe injuries, including death. In these accidents, the at-fault driver failed to maintain their travel lane. In addition, the driver involved in the accident must meet three elements of liability.

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Failure to yield the right of way

Failing to yield the right of way can result in severe injuries, including traumatic brain injury. Other damages caused by Failure to deliver include fractures, soft tissue injuries, and internal injuries. As a result of a failure to yield an accident, victims may be able to recover money damages. A qualified accident attorney can help you navigate the complex legal issues surrounding this type of incident.

Several types of right-of-way violations are covered by Nevada law, including Failure to yield to emergency vehicles. These drivers must proceed with caution when approaching an emergency vehicle cause if they cannot see the emergency vehicle, and give way to the car in front of them unless it is clear that the other driver has the right of way. The DMV tacks on four Nevada demerit points onto your driver’s license. Fortunately, most traffic charges can be reduced to non-moving violations or dropped altogether.

Left-hand turns

A large number of Las Vegas automobile accidents involve left-hand turns. These collisions are severe because they involve two cars coming from opposite directions. It’s impossible to avoid a collision, but there are some steps you can take to minimize your injuries. Listed below are some of the most common reasons for left-hand turns. Once you’ve seen how to avoid one, follow these tips.

While it is intuitively apparent that a left-hand turn is the most common cause of Las Vegas car accidents, proving liability in these crashes can be tricky. Even if you weren’t hurt in the crash, you might still be responsible. To be held liable for a left-hand turn crash, you must show that the other driver was reckless or ruthless.

Distracted driving

The tourist economy in Las Vegas has created a high risk for distracted driving. While on the road, a distracted driver is less likely to see a red light or stop at a stop sign in time. Tourists who are not familiar with local driving rules and customs are also expected to be distracted, as they need to look for directions or check out the flashing lights of other vehicles. Other common distractions include using a handheld cell phone or texting while driving. Other distractions can include eating, drinking, operating GPS, adjusting the radio, or caring for a child or pet.

Distracted driving is a severe problem, and it can have serious consequences. While Nevada does have strict laws against distracted driving, the penalties are relatively modest. An experienced Las Vegas distracted driving attorney can help you protect your rights by focusing on the other driver’s negligence while minimizing yours. They will also help you determine the damages suffered and assess your injuries.